The Power of Community Wins Again!

AssuranceAmerica donates $100,000 to Atlanta nonprofit fighting to end homelessness (details below)

Bringing Hope to the Homeless

Through the AssuranceAmerica program, Hope Abounds, we are working with a few key organizations to help the estimated 5,000 homeless men, women and children on any given night get the help they need to get back on their feet again. Every policy our agents sell directly impacts our commitment to donate 5% of our after-tax profits toward this effort. We provide the staff and resources these organizations need to significantly impact these people's lives. We thank our agents for shouldering this with us, helping to bring hope to the homeless.

On any given night, there are believed to be over 10,000 homeless people in Georgia; 5,000 of them are in the Atlanta area. This issue is important to our Executive Chairman, Guy Millner, who introduced us all to the complexity of the issue. We stand ready to help.

We help today by assisting those organizations that are working to fundamentally end homelessness. Organizations that work to provide temporary housing offering immediate safety and security; behavioral health, employment and education, and other support services; and connectivity to the community for potential employment and long-term counseling and accountability.


City of Refuge - Where Good Works

With 20 years of experience and 20,000 lives transformed, City of Refuge is a leader in the business of social transformation. As the one-stop shop for poverty relief, City of Refuge offers several programs such as medical care, job training, education, and school programs. All these innovative programs are offered in the safe and inviting 200,000+ sq. ft. warehouse space.


The Extension - The Solution for Homelessness & Addiction

The mission at The Extension is to facilitate a transformation that empowers chemically dependent homeless men and women to become sober, accountable members of society and to serve as a recovery resource for the community.


New Beginnings - Helping to Break the Chains of Addiction

Since 2002, providing a network of collaborative partnerships to take a holistic approach to help address the chronic issues contributing to homelessness. From emergency assistance, to full recovery New Beginnings offers men and women trapped in addition with basic needs (food, clothing & shelter), rehabilitation, life skills training, counseling, case management, adult education, employment assistance (assessment, training & placement) and permanent housing placement.

Recent News

Power of Community Wins Again

AssuranceAmerica donates $100,000 to Atlanta nonprofit The Extension. This donation goes towards funding the general operating and off-site housing costs so more residents can be served by the organization.

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The Team Behind Your Policy

All of us talk to people on the phone we've never met. Those working behind the scenes on our behalf when we order food, ask for help with purchases of things like clothing, office supplies, car repairs and, of course, auto insurance! They listen and respond and seriously help us out because they truly want to help. We thought you'd like to meet a few people on the team supporting you. Click below and meet Brandon! He's often on the other side of your phone call when you have an issue to resolve or a question to ask concerning a claim. Like Brandon, all of us here at AssuranceAmerica are on YOUR team, dedicated to YOUR success!

PS - By the way, let us know how we're doing by going to this google site to post a review! Thank you!

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